Another way to go green with your tile project is to choose tile
that is made in close proximity to your area.  This cuts down on
the fossil fuels and resources used to transport the tile.  Also,
there are certain manufacturers who base their production on
energy efficient means.  
Recycled tile is becoming more available and used in small
applications.  Glass tile is the most common because it can be
made from many materials and formed into a beautiful finish.  
Since our awareness of the impact we have on the environment,
recycled tile has emerged to provide an alternative to use waste
in a good way.  Although expensive, recycled tile can be used in
small applications such as kitchen backsplashes or as accent
strips in bathrooms.
Did you know?
Construction and
demolition materials
are often recyclable.
These include
concrete, wood,
shingles, asphalt
pavement, metal and
cardboard.  These
materials make up
roughly 85 percent of
all construction waste.
Touchdown Tile
goes green!
part of our effort to
reduce impact on
the environment we
have chosen to sell
and install recycled
tile, as well as
recycling our own
waste tile.  One
way we do this is to
keep some extra
tile and cut them
into decorative
mosaics that can
be used in many
2009.  Touchdown Tile is a Minnesota tile company.  All rights reserved.  All pictures of installed tile are Touchdown Tile installations.
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